javhd-TBB-67 Heroine Suppression Vol.67 HQ

javhd-TBB-67 Heroine Suppression Vol.67 HQ


javhd-TBB-67 Under the bright daylight, Karen Minato is enjoying her lovely day. But a scream for help shatters her fine day. She enters into the spooky ruins where she heard the voice and finds female cyborgs. ’Even if life is hard, I will never be steeped in vice!’ says Tales Prometia! She uses water sorcery to destroy the cyborgs but a powerful enemy appears. Battlor, an officer of Earth Invading Force, repels Tales Prometia’s magics with his staff.

javhd-Heroine Suppression

He forcefully disarms her equipments one by one after she regains consciousness. She feels very shameful but now she gets kicked in the face with a combat boot. Tales Prometia is smashed to the wall by an another monster! She gets stomped on, kicked in the stomach, grabbed around her neck, and… Finally, he kicks the heroine’s private area… When Tales Prometia wakes up, the next torture begins. She gets shot in the ass with sub-machine guns..!?[BAD END]

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